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Breaking Down a Text to Increase Reading Comprehension

In any elementary reading classroom, helping students to comprehend what they read is always at the forefront of the reading teacher’s mind.  Explicitly teaching reading strategies and skills, teacher modeling, collaborative use, and guided practice are all key components of good teaching practices, but what can teachers do once these

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Main Idea Activity for Upper Elementary

Simple and Easy Main Idea Activity

Main Idea Activity For upper elementary students, main idea is an important skill, but it can be difficult for some students to master. When students are able to determine the main idea of a text and identify details to support the main idea, it helps them remember important information and

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personification lesson ideas

3 Wonderful Personification Lesson Ideas

Are you looking for some personification lesson ideas for your upper elementary classroom?  One of my favorite things to teach is figurative language.  I enjoy helping students identify figurative language, discover it in stories and poems, and ponder what it means and why the author chose to write or describe

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First Day of School Ideas for Teachers

4 Great First Day of School Ideas for Teachers

4 Ideas to Make Your First Day of School a Success You have decorated, straightened and organized your room, arranged desk, labeled books and bins, but now the first day of school is just around the corner, and you realize that you have no idea what you are going to

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informational writing leads anchor chart and tips

Great Informational Writing Leads Anchor Chart and Tips

Informational Writing Leads Anchor Chart and Tips Are you looking for ways to help your students with their informational/expository writing? This informational writing leads anchor chart is a great addition to your writing lessons! I’ll admit, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with teaching writing over my teaching career. Teaching students

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4 Ideas for Creating a Vocabulary Rich Classroom Environment

Creating a vocabulary rich environment in which words are loved, valued, and enjoyed is an important way to help students discover and use new vocabulary. Vocabulary is not something that is memorized and tested, rather, vocabulary should be read, written, discussed, and enjoyed daily. When students see your love for

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Free PowerPoint Lesson

Would you like a free PowerPoint lesson to teach or to review subjects and predicates with your students? This free PowerPoint is a powerful visual and learning tool that will help your students understand and identify subjects and predicates and is perfect for grades 2-5!