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Free Reading Fiction Graphic Organizers

free reading fiction graphic organizers

Would you like free reading fiction graphic organizers?

If you know me, you know that graphic organizers are my jam. I just love a good set of graphic organizers, and I have spent years creating and perfecting hundreds of different graphic organizers.

Graphic organizers are visual tools that help students organize, understand, and share information.

Graphic organizers can be very beneficial to students as they read and comprehend. That is why I am offering you free reading fiction graphic organizers to use in your reading classroom.

Graphic organizers can be used in so many ways! Use with independent reading, read-alouds, literature circles, book clubs, reading series, and so much more!

How are Graphic Organizers Helpful?

Graphic organizers can help students comprehend by helping them categorize and simplify information. Graphic organizers can help them organize large amounts of information in a way that students can organize their thoughts and understanding of the text. They can also help students understand relationships in a story.

What are SWBST Graphic Organizers?

There are numerous types of graphic organizers: Venn diagrams, T-charts, sequence chain, and tree chart just to name a few. For more about different types of graphic organizers, check out my blog post here.

SWBST stands for Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then. This is an excellent graphic organizer to help students write about the most important parts of a book, text, or chapter and create summaries.

  • Somebody= Main Character
  • Wanted= Motivation or need
  • But= Conflict
  • So= Event
  • Then= Conclusion

As students complete the parts of the graphic organizer, they create and write a summary of the text. This is an excellent tool for all students and is especially helpful for those students who tend to retell the story when asked to write a summary.

Get Your Free Reading Fiction Graphic Organizers

I want to give you a set of SWBST graphic organizers for free! All that you will need to do to get your set of free graphic organizers is simply click the link below and complete the email sign-up form. You will be added to my Teaching Fourth email club. With your email sign-up, you will get weekly emails containing teaching tips and ideas, notifications of new resources in my store 50% off, notifications of new blog posts, and occasional exclusive freebies, all delivered to your inbox.

free reading graphic organizers

Get your free set of graphic organizers today.

This set of SWBST graphic organizers can be yours for free. Just click the button below, complete the email signup, and your graphic organizers will be downloaded to your computer. It’s that easy.

Don’t wait. Grab your free set today and begin using them with your upper elementary students.

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