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10 Great Grammar and Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for 2024-2025

Are you looking for simple and meaningful ways to enhance your ELA classroom this year? Look no further. I have compiled a list of 10 fantastic grammar and reading bulletin board ideas for this 2023-2024 school year that will not only reinforce important language and/or reading concepts but will be engaging and eye-catching as well!

Whether you are a seasoned teacher or just starting out, these ideas are designed to be helpful and practical to any classroom teacher. Find your creative solutions to transform your learning space this year. Here are 10 excellent grammar and reading bulletin board ideas that you and your students will love.

grammar and reading bulletin board ideas

Grammar and Reading Bulletin Boards as Teaching Tools

Some topics are taught and reviewed the entire school year. As a language arts teacher, reading skills, genres, and parts of speech are just a few examples.

For these skills that are taught and reviewed throughout the entire year, why not create bulletin boards that will be useful teaching tools throughout the school year? Use them in your mini-lessons, create a station or center around the bulletin board, or use them for students to reference throughout the school year. Here are 4 great grammar and reading bulletin board ideas for your classroom.

1 Grammar Bulletin Boards

One of my favorite bulletin boards to display and use the entire year is a grammar or parts of speech bulletin board. The parts of speech are taught and reviewed throughout the year. Unfortunately, because of time restraints, this subject is often rushed or neglected. Create a bulletin board so that these grammar terms will be in front of your students all year long.

My students use and refer to the parts of speech board often, and I use the posters in mini-lessons as I teach and review each part of speech.  I have created several grammar bulletin boards that can be found in my store with a variety of themes including owl, bee, blue and green, burlap, and more!

2 Reading Genre Bulletin Boards

Another great bulletin board to create if you teach reading is a reading genres bulletin board. Creating a bulletin board with the reading genres that you and your students will be reading is a great reference tool for your students. You can use these posters during mini-lessons or as a reference to help students identify different genres.

3 Figurative Language Bulletin Boards

Creating a figurative language bulletin board is another fantastic tool for your classroom. Teaching figurative language is an important skill in both 4th and 5th grades. Placing a bulletin board dedicated to the types of figurative language is a great reference that students can use throughout the year as they are reading in literature circles, small groups, with book clubs, or independently.

4 Author of the Month

Choose a favorite author to highlight each month and create a bulletin board dedicated to that author’s works. Display book covers, a short biography, student reviews, and recommendations for books.

5 Weekly ELA Spotlight

Create a bulletin board to display your goals and skills for the week. Include anchor charts and posters for the reading skills being taught, genre focus, reading strategy, and grammar focus for the week.

6 Book Recommendation Bulletin Board

Create a bulletin board for students to post their book recommendations for their classmates. Provide index cards for students to write the name of the book and a brief description of the reason that they recommend the book.

7 Book Character Showcase

Create a bulletin board where students can showcase their favorite book characters. Have students draw their characters, write a short description, and include the book title and author.

8 Story Starters or Writing Prompts

Use your bulletin board to display story starters or writing prompts to inspire creativity. Include interesting opening lines or thought-provoking prompts to spark students’ imaginations and encourage writing.

9 Vocabulary Builder

Design a bulletin board that focuses on expanding student vocabulary. Each week introduce a new word, share a synonym and antonym, and provide an example sentence and its definition. Encourage students to use the word in their speaking and writing.

10 Student Created Bulletin Boards

Students love seeing their work displayed. Create a bulletin board space for displaying student-created work. From writing projects to reading and grammar projects, displaying student work like these fun flipbooks below is always a great option that your students will love.

reading and grammar bulletin board ideas reading flipbooks

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Thanks for stopping by and enjoy decorating!

Have a blessed day!


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