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Creating Important and Meaningful Bulletin Boards

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards with Motivational Posters

Today I am continuing with part 2 of my series on Ideas for Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards. (Find Part 1 HERE.) With so little time and so much to do, teachers can become so stressed over creating bulletin boards. Don’t let this be you! Creating meaningful bulletin boards that can last the entire year can be the answer to eliminating bulletin board-related stress. This idea for a year-long bulletin board is one of my favorites!


Motivational Bulletin Boards

Utilize your bulletin boards for teaching behavior expectations in your classroom throughout the school year. Instead of rules, I post motivational posters that we refer to throughout the school year. See the blog post that explains more HERE.  Since I began using motivational posters, I have seen positive effects on my classes, and this is now a must-have bulletin board for me each year. Find a large variety of styles of these posters in my store by clicking the picture below. (superhero-themed, bee-themed, bright flowers themed, burlap themed, and more!)



Ideas for Using Motivational Bulletin Boards

Perhaps you feel that you need a little change through the year. Here are a couple of ideas for easily changing this bulletin board throughout the year. Most of these sets have around 20 posters.

  • You may want to add one poster each week until all posters are added.
  • Choose one poster to add to the board and focus on each week.
  • Discuss the poster and give examples of how to apply it in our lives.
  • Another idea is to display about half of the posters.
  • Discuss and refer to them for several weeks.
  • Then swap out the posters with the 2nd half.
  • This is an easy and simple way to change it up or simply pick your favorite posters to use the entire year. 

Remember, creating a bulletin board that lasts the entire year is okay! Don’t feel guilty especially when it is a bulletin board that will be such an important part of your classroom environment.    

Thank you for visiting, and have a blessed day!


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