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Great Student Created Bulletin Boards Ideas

student created bulletin boards ideas
Today I am continuing with part 3 of my series on Ideas for Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards with Student Created Bulletin Boards Ideas. (Find Part 1 HERE)  
With so little time and so much to do, teachers can become so stressed over creating the perfect bulletin boards. Don’t let this be you! Most of my series has focused on bulletin boards that can be created at the beginning of the school year and used for the entire year.
Today’s bulletin board ideas are a little different. Take the stress out of, “what to put on the bulletin board,” by using student created materials.

Student Created Bulletin Boards

Instead of spending all of your time decorating every space in your classroom, be sure to leave some wall space or bulletin board space to display student work throughout the school year.
Designate a bulletin board or two as a student created bulletin boards this year. Use these bulletin boards to display student created items throughout the school year.
Students, principals, and parents love seeing student work displayed. Students get excited when they are creating something that they know will be displayed on a bulletin board. Creating bulletin boards to display student work is perfect for open house or parent nights. Your parents will love seeing their students’ work on the board.


Ideas for Student Created Bulletin Boards

There are many possibilities for student created bulletin boards. Here are a few ideas.

  • Student art
  • Student classwork
  • Seasonal art activities
  • Class projects
  • Group projects
  • Poster projects
  • Reports
  • Writing Assignments

Simply hang the work on a board, add a border and a title, and viola! You have an instant bulletin board. All of these make great student created bulletin boards for your classroom, and your students will love seeing their work displayed.  

Flip Its Flipbooks

Sometimes, though, you may be looking for a bulletin board that is a little more eye-catching.    My favorite bulletin boards for displaying student work are my Flip Its Reading Response Flipbooks.

Students use these fun shaped flipbooks to write about fiction or nonfiction books that they have read. These flipbooks make eye-catching bulletin boards that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Just look at the photos on this page of these creative bulletin boards!  

Parents, teachers, and administrators will love and comment on these colorful student displays. Flip Its Flipbooks and bulletin boards are also perfect for parent meetings or open house night.   Use these flipbooks when you are having classroom visitors and are needing something just a little extra-special to display. They are also great to motivate your students because they will love seeing their work displayed on these pretty boards.   Flipbook patterns and bulletin board letters are included in each set.  

  Save when you purchase my entire bundle found HERE.     Your students will enjoy writing about their reading with these fun seasonal flipbooks. If you are looking for an eye-catching bulletin board, then any of these Flip Its boards are perfect for you!

Have a blessed day!

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