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4 Great Ideas for Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards: Display Important Information

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards

Let’s face it. Teachers have so much on their plates that creating bulletin boards is not always a very high priority. Although I love looking at lovely bulletin boards, finding time to create them during the school year is very difficult, and it is not always practical. Instead, why not concentrate on creating meaningful bulletin boards for your classroom?

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards

When I first began teaching, I loved creating fun and pretty bulletin boards. Each month I created and decorated a brand new bulletin board just for that month. Back then, I was single with no children and had plenty of time on my hands.

Now, fast forward 25 (plus) years, a husband, and two children later, and my views on bulletin boards have changed slightly. Instead of changing bulletin boards each month, why not create meaningful bulletin boards that will work for us the entire school year and meet the needs of my students? Bulletin boards can be beneficial to your students and work for you in several ways. Today I am posting the first of a 4 part series of blog posts on “Ideas for Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards.” 



Daily Objectives Bulletin Boards

The first way that bulletin boards can work for us is by using bulletin boards to display important daily information. One great way to do this is by displaying your learning targets or daily (or weekly) objectives on a year-long bulletin board display.
By displaying this information, students will know the focus and learning targets for each day. It is a perfect starting point for our lessons, and after time, students will know to look at the display for the day’s objectives. This is great for walk-throughs and observations as well. Your principal will easily see your objectives for the day. Also, teach your students that if they are asked about what they are learning, to look at the bulletin board and respond with the information that you have posted.
Learning objectives bulletin boards can be simple. You may choose to use a bulletin board to print and hang objectives, or I have often used a section of my whiteboard to hang my subject cards. I then write my objectives on the whiteboard each day or week as needed. Use what works best for you! 
Find some bright and happy Learning Objectives Bulletin Boards in my store. You may enjoy my Cupcakes Learning Targets Board HERE, my Bee themed Objectives Board HERE,  and my Owls Themed Objectives Board HERE 
Check out my objectives board!

Find 3 More Ideas for Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards

Be sure to check out the other blog posts in this series to find 3 more ideas for creating meaningful bulletin boards.

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards Blog Post 3

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards Blog Post 2

Creating Meaningful Bulletin Boards Blog Post 4

There is no doubt that bulletin boards can make our classrooms look warm and inviting, but don’t let them be an added stress! There are so many possibilities with bulletin boards. Choose bulletin boards that will best meet the needs of your students for the entire year, and make those bulletin boards work for you. A simple bulletin board that will function well for your classroom for the entire school year will be a benefit to you and your students. Simplify your bulletin boards and make them work for you this year.

Enjoy creating, and I hope you have a blessed day!

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