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Fun Cupcake Theme Classroom Ideas

Choosing a cupcake theme classroom for your classroom décor can be so much fun! If you are a teacher who loves baking cupcakes, eating cupcakes, or you are simply looking for a fun design with relaxing colors, this cupcake theme classroom may be just for you! Why not turn your classroom decorating into a “sweet” success this year and make your classroom the sweetest in your building?

cupcake theme classroom

Make sure you read all the way to the end of this post, and be sure to grab the free set of cupcake table signs at the end of this post!

Cupcake Theme Classroom

Your classroom will look fun and welcoming with the soothing pastels that are found in this cupcake classroom décor set. The adorable cupcake clipart will add some fun and whimsy to your classroom as well. You and your students will love being greeted each day with this fun classroom decor!

I always believe it is important that my classroom décor is functional, useful, and important to my classroom. A little “pretty” thrown in doesn’t hurt either! That is why the pieces that are found in my classroom décor set are pretty, but they also will also help with the management and organization of most classrooms.

What You Will Find in the Cupcake Classroom Décor Set

This packet is packed full of fun and functional design pieces for your classroom that will make your decorating a breeze! These resources will help your classroom run more smoothly while making it the sweetest on your hall! Just look at what is included in this bundle.

  • Cupcake Motivational Posters
  • Cupcake Grammar Posters
  • Cupcake Editable Door Display
  • Cupcake Alphabet Banner
  • Cupcake Birthday Display
  • Cupcake Calendar Set
  • Cupcake Schedule Cards (Editable)
  • Cupcake 3 Drawer Bin Labels
  • Cupcake Reward Tags
  • Cupcake Objectives Board (Editable)
  • Cupcake Hall Passes

Cupcake Motivational Posters

You will love this fun set of classroom motivational posters for your cupcake theme classroom. Not only will these cupcake posters make a great bulletin board or look great on your classroom wall, they will make a great reference to motivate your students to use positive behavior throughout the school year. I am a firm believer in using motivational posters to encourage positive behavior in the classroom. Just check out my blog post HERE for more information.

Cupcake Objectives Board

Place your learning objectives front and center with this gorgeous learning targets board. You can place this on a bulletin board and use the editable objectives cards to type out your own weekly or daily objectives, or you can place this board on your white board (like pictured above) and simply write your objectives below each subject card.

Cupcake Door Décor

Create a fun door display to welcome your students into your classroom with this editable door display set. The cupcakes are editable so that you can type your students’ names. The title “What a Sweet Class!” is also included in this fun set. Simply print and cut to create a fun door display that will welcome your students.

Cupcake Grammar Posters

Because I am an ELA teacher, I always like to create a grammar bulletin board. This Grammar bulletin board packet contains fun cupcake posters for each of the eight parts of speech. The title, “Grammar” is also included. This set of posters makes a colorful bulletin board that your students will use all year long. Having a grammar bulletin board makes a great reference tool or teaching tool for your classroom.

Cupcake Storage Bin Labels

This adorable set of drawer labels will help keep you and your classroom organized. These labels fit the 3 drawer medium countertop plastic storage containers. A variety of labels are included in this download. Choose from labels that will help you organize your classroom papers, or use labels that will help organize your classroom or desk supplies. You can even use these labels to organize materials for classroom centers.

Other Resources

You will also enjoy the other resources available in the Cupcake Classroom Décor Bundle. You will also find an alphabet banner, a classroom birthday display, a calendar set, and schedule cards. Everything that you need to create a fun and welcoming classroom is included in this bundle.

Free Cupcake Table Signs

Be sure to grab this free set of cupcake theme table signs that will be perfect for your cupcake theme classroom. These round signs are numbered one through ten and can be placed on tables or hung above your tables to add to your classroom decorations. Download the table signs for free and print them off to see the quality of this entire set of classroom decorations. The colors and clipart are crisp and clear, and the colors are such soothing shades.

I created a table sign display by painting a mason jar to match my classroom colors. Then I cut a piece of Styrofoam to fit inside the jar. I printed and cut out my table signs. Next, I glued a large popsicle stick to my cupcake sign and stuck it into the Styrofoam. Then I placed a jar on each table.

Your classroom will certainly be the sweetest on your hall this year with this Cupcake Classroom Décor Bundle. One thing that I love about this set is that it is colorful, but the pastel shades are very calming and pleasing. I also love that all of the posters and pieces in this set are easy to read and not to “busy.”

Even if you choose another classroom theme, I hope this blog post inspired some ideas for your classroom.

Have a sweet and blessed day!


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