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3 Great Reasons for Your Students to Complete an End of the Year Memory Book

Are you tired of searching for end of the school year activities? Why not create a fun and simple end of the year memory book?

The end school year can be such a hectic time of the year. Students can get a little antsy and with everything that comes along with wrapping up the school year, providing some fun activities during the last few weeks of school can help. There are many fun activities that you can do, but one of my favorite things to do with my students is an end of the year memory book. While memory books have been around for quite some time and are nothing new, here are 3 great reasons to complete an end of the year memory book with your students this year.

Your Students Will Love Completing an End of the Year Memory Book

End of the year memory books are wonderful to create with your students for several reasons. To begin with, your students will love reflecting and writing about their school year. Be sure to set aside plenty of time for your students to complete memory books because they will usually pour a lot of time into creating these special booklets.

Provide Parents with a Keepsake

Another reason to create end of the year memory books is that these will provide parents with a special keepsake for their child’s school year. Parents love saving special work from the school year, and this booklet is definitely one that they will want to keep to look back on in years to come. It will help preserve special memories created in your classroom.

Create a Calming Atmosphere During a Busy Time of the Year

Finally, creating end of the year memory books helps provide you and your students with a calming break from all of the hectic activities that come with the end of the year. Let’s face it, the end of the school year can be full of many activities and events for you and your students. From end of the year testing to field day, the end of the year can be very busy, not to mention that on top of everything else, students are getting very antsy.

Completing a memory book can provide some much needed calmness to a hectic schedule. Just put on some calming music while your students are working on this book, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in your classroom, even if it is just for a few short minutes!

Owl Themed End of the Year Memory Book

One of my favorite end of the year memory books to complete with my students is my Owl Themed End of the Year Memory Book. This packet is filled with 25 fun pages. Use them all or choose your favorites! Just look at what is included:

  • 5 different cover pages to choose from
  • “Owl” About Me
  • “Owl” About My Teacher
  • “Owl” About My School
  • “Owl” About My Classroom
  • “Owl” About My Classmates
  • Timeline
  • “Owl” About My Day
  • “Owl” About Lunch
  • “Owl” About My Subjects
  • “Owl” the Reasons this Grade is Special
  • “Owl” About P.E.
  • “Owl” About Recess
  • “Owl” About Specials
  • “Owl” About Our Field Trip
  • “Owl” About Our Field Trips
  • “Owl” About Field Day
  • “Owl” About My Accomplishments
  • “Owl” About My Favorite Book
  • “Owl” This Year
  • “Owl” the Autographs

After doing a year with an owl theme, this is the PERFECT closure to our year! I love every page of it!


Just look at what a customer said about this activity. Instead of owls, you might prefer one of my other end of the year books:

I encourage you to plan a memory book with your students, even if it is simply folding a few pieces of paper together and stapling to create a booklet. Then let students draw and write about their school year inside. Taking the time to create memory books will provide students with special memories from your class for years to come!

end of the year memory book

For even more great end of the year ideas check out this post on a fun end of the year popsicle themed day.

Have a blessed end of the school year!



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