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5 Simple Ways to Use All About Me Posters for Back to School

Many teachers use All About Me Posters for back-to-school, but you may be tired of the same routine! Why not change it up and discover some different ways to use All About Me Posters this school year?

5 Ways to Use All About Me Posters for Back to School

All About Me Posters are a handout with spaces for students to draw and/or write information about themselves. There may be a space for students to draw a picture of themselves, write a list of some of their favorite things, tell their age and hair color, and tell something special about themselves.

There are several reasons this activity is perfect for the first day or first week of school:

  • All About Me Posters are easy prep.
  • All About Me Posters are easy for students to understand and use.
  • They are great to place on the desks as a first-day activity for students.
  • They are great for building a classroom community.
  • They are great to use to get to know your students.

5 Ways to Use All About Me Posters

Many elementary classroom teachers place an All About Me activity on each desk for each student to complete on the first day of school. While this is a great way to use this activity, if you have been using All About Me Posters for several years, you may be searching for All About Me poster ideas. Here are 5 simple ways to change up your all-about-me activity!

Keepsake Booklet

If your All About Me packet contains a variety of pages (similar to this), once completed you may want to staple the packet together to create a booklet. You can even take this a step further by completing the All About Me poster on the first day of school and completing other pages throughout the first semester. File away each child’s poster as the pages are completed to save until the end of the semester.

Then before Christmas or holiday break, create a cover for the posters. Staple the cover and posters together to create a gift for parents. Attach a student-created card to each packet and send home for students to give as a Christmas or holiday gift. This is sure to be a special gift that parents will treasure for many years to come.


Use the All About My Birthday page to display and celebrate each child’s birthday. Allow students to complete the poster at the beginning of school and collect and save posters. Create a bulletin board or special area to display the birthday posters for the entire month. This is a simple way to celebrate birthdays in your classroom.

Send Home at Meet the Teacher

You can choose to place posters on students’ desks at Meet the Teacher. Students can then take home the posters to complete and bring back on the first day of school ready to share with other classmates. You may even want to begin the day with students sharing information with one another. This can help build a classroom community by giving students opportunities to talk and share information about themselves and one another.

Create a Classroom Booklet

After students have completed the All About Me Posters, laminate each poster, create a cover page with your name and grade (such as All About Ms. Hall’s 4th Grade Class), and create a classroom booklet with a book binding machine.

This class book can then be placed in the classroom library for students to enjoy. Allow students to take turns checking out the booklet to get to know even more about one another.

Complete All About Me Poster Again at End of the Year

Use the All About Me poster again at the end of the year. Allow students to complete the same poster again. Once complete, distribute the posters that were completed on the first day of school to each child, and allow students to compare. Note any changes and similarities between the two. Have discussions on how students have changed throughout the year.

I hope that you like at least one of the ways to use All About Me Posters listed above. For even more ways to use All About Me Posters, be sure to check out my blog post HERE.

All About Me Posters

If you are looking for a set of All About Me Posters, check out this fabulous set! Nine pages plus a cover is included in this fun back-to-school activity packet. A cover page is also included if you would like to create a booklet for your students. What if you don’t like owls? No worries! This set also includes pages without owls!

This All About Me activity packet is perfect to use with the 5 Ways to Use All About Me Posters listed above.

What’s Included:

  • All About Me
  • All About My Summer
  • All About My Summer Vacation
  • All About Our School
  • Look Who’s In Our Class
  • All About My Life
  • All About My Favorite Book
  • All About My Goals
  • All About My Birthday
  • All About Me Cover
  • All About Me Banner
  • All pages above come in 2 versions: with owls and without!

You can even create a fun banner!

All About Me Posters are a great way to start off your school year! I hope you found some new ways to use All About Me Posters in your classroom this year!

5 Ways to Use All About Me Posters for Back to School

Have a blessed day!


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