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7 Great All About Me Posters Ideas for this School Year

All About Me Posters Ideas

All About Me Posters have been around for quite some time, and perhaps you already use them in your classroom each year as a first-day classroom activity. They are also great to use anytime during the first week of school, but perhaps you are looking for even more All About Me Posters ideas. Here are 7 great ideas for using these posters during your back-to-school week.

All About Me Posters are printables that ask students to write about themselves by sharing about some of their favorite things and their interests. They are a wonderful tool for you and your students to get acquainted with one another. They help make meaningful connections with your students and help students get to know one another.

All About Me Posters Ideas

This year, instead of simply passing out All About Me Posters, why not jazz up your routine and incorporate one of these fun ideas for using your All About Me Posters with your new students?

1 Incorporate a Picture Book

Anytime that I can incorporate a picture book into a lesson, I do it, and creating a lesson with All About Me Posters is a perfect time to read a great picture book to your students.

What book should you read? Well, there are many great choices. I suggest choosing a picture book with a theme related to acceptance and self-esteem. Choosing a picture book that centers around the specialty of students’ names would be a great choice. Two of my favorites are Chrysanthemum and Name Jar. Both of these books deal with finding pride and confidence in who we are, and are wonderful stories to share on the first day of school.

After reading your picture books aloud, spend time discussing the story with your students, the problem that the character faces, and how that problem is solved. Ask students if they can relate to the main character and if they have ever had similar feelings? This can lead to discussions about what makes each person special and unique. Tell students that they are going to have an opportunity today to share some things that make them special and unique. Then introduce the All About Me assignment.

2 Create a Booklet

Many All About Me Packets contain several pages. Allow time for students to complete all of the pages to create an All About Me Booklet. Simple staple the pages together to create a back-to-school keepsake that both parents and students will treasure for years to come.

3 Display

Give students an opportunity to see their work displayed beginning day one. Displaying student work motivates, encourages, and helps give students a sense of community.

Label a clear plastic sleeve with each student’s name and attach it to a wall or bulletin board to easily display the All About Me pages as well as work for the entire school year. Simply slide the All About Me page into the sleeve.

As students complete other art projects, activities, and classwork throughout the school year that you would like to display, slide the work to the front of the sleeve. By the end of the year, each student will have a memory packet of classwork and activities for the entire school year. Place the All About Me page from the first day of school at the beginning of the packet. Staple into a booklet and send home as a great school-year memento.

4 Partner Share

Once students have completed an All About Me page, allow time for students to share with an elbow partner or with their table group. This not only makes a great ice-breaker activity it also is a great way for your students to get acquainted with one another.

5 Use in a Fun Class Activity

Once students complete a poster, collect them and use them in a fun activity. Begin by sharing three facts from a student’s poster. See if your students can guess who that student is. For example, “This student loves pizza and softball, and has two sisters.” If not, share another fact until someone guesses correctly. Continue with all posters until everyone’s poster has been shared.

6 Use Posters for Student of the Week

If you have a “Student of the Week” in your classroom, save the All About Me posters to use on your Star Student or Student of the Week display. Students will enjoy seeing their posters highlighted each week. You may also allow students to share their posters aloud with the class during their special week.

Once students complete their All About Me Posters collect and file away in a folder in your filing cabinet or in a drawer in your rolling storage cart. Each week when it’s time for a new student of the week, simply grab a poster from your file or drawer and hang it up. This makes your Student of the Week run smoothly all year long.

7 Play 4 Corners

Another fun All About Me Posters idea is to use these posters in a game of 4 corners. Number 4 posters 1 through 4 and hang each poster in each corner of the classroom. Clear enough space around each poster so that students will be able to stand.

Ask students to look at their responses on their All About Me Poster. (A poster that contains a list of favorites is a great one for this activity).

Then ask students to look at their favorite food (for example). Tell the students, “If you listed pizza as your favorite, please go to corner 1. If you listed hamburgers as your favorite, please go to card 2. If you listed chicken fingers as your favorite, please go to card 3. If you listed anything else, please go to card 4.”

Give students a moment to see who else in the group has this common interest. Then allow students to return to their seats and continue in the same manner with another favorite. You could also do this with the number of siblings, types of pets, etc.

On the last round, let students share one other thing that they would like to share about themselves with the others in their group.

This year, try something new to your back-to-school routine and add one of these fun activities to your list. Your students are sure to enjoy any of these fun activities along with creating a memorable All About Me Poster.

For more Back to School All About Me Posters and ideas, check out this Back to School Superheroes blog post.

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