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7 Great Spring Poetry Writing Activities

With April and springtime comes National Poetry Month! While poetry is wonderful to teach anytime throughout the year, spring is a great time to focus on poetry. The season’s beauty can offer our students much inspiration for writing poetry. Read about these seven spring poetry writing activities for simple and easy ways to incorporate spring poetry writing into your upper elementary classroom.

spring poetry writing activities

7 Spring Poetry Writing Activities

Writing poetry doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. These easy ideas are a great way to encourage your students to write poetry this spring.

Spring Poetry Writing Activities: Senses Poems

Encourage your students to explore spring using all of their senses. Ask students to observe the signs of spring around them using their senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. Students can then write descriptive poems that capture the essence of spring using sensory language.

Rainy Day Poetry

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so on the next rainy day let students reflect on rainy days through poetry. Students can write poetry inspired by the sights, sounds, and feelings that rainy days may bring. Acrostic poems are another great way to write about rainy days. This activity can encourage students to find beauty and inspiration even on gloomy days.

Nature Walk Poetry Journal

Take your students on a nature walk around your school to observe the signs of spring and use these observations in these spring poetry writing activities. Students should carry a journal and pencil to record any observations and reflections of spring. Then encourage them to write poems inspired by the sights and sounds experienced during their walk.

Easter Poetry

Create holiday poems for Easter. Combine the excitement of an Easter egg hunt with spring poetry writing activities. Before the egg hunt, prepare plastic eggs by filling them with slips of paper containing vocabulary words related to spring, Easter, or nature. These words can serve as prompts for students to incorporate into their poems. Hide eggs around your classroom or schoolyard where students can hunt them. After the egg hunt, students will use the vocabulary inside their eggs to use as they write their spring poetry.

Earth Day Poetry

Celebrate Earth Day with poetry. Let students create poems about our Earth, nature, or conservation to help celebrate Earth Day. This Earth Day Poetry Quilt Packet is a great Earth Day activity.

Spring Poetry Bulletin Board

Create a bulletin board display with students’ poetry creations. Students enjoy seeing their work displayed. A simple way to create an easy display is to have students write their spring poems on paper and draw pictures to go with their poems. Or you can use these Spring Poetry Quilts below to create a beautiful spring display.

Spring Poetry Quilt Packet

Writing spring poetry couldn’t be any easier than using this Spring Poetry Quilt Packet. This packet contains 20 poetry templates that will help your students write a variety of different types of poems. Find haiku, tanka, acrostic, cinquain, senses poem, limerick, and more! Just click HERE to find out more about these fun spring poetry writing activities. Or click the image below.

For more seasonal and holiday poetry writing activities and ideas, check out this blog post on Christmas Poetry Activities.

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