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3 Great Tips for Teaching Grammar in Elementary

Teaching grammar is often placed at the end of the to-do list in elementary. This is unfortunate. Grammar instruction is important. Students need to be able to use grammar correctly in their speaking and writing. Here are 3 tips for teaching grammar in elementary school.

Tips for Teaching Grammar in Elementary

tips for teaching grammar in upper elementary


Introduce the grammar skill with a mini-lesson. A quick mini-lesson is all that is needed to introduce or re-introduce a grammar concept to your students. This short lesson should only be about 10 minutes.

One of my favorite ways to use teach grammar mini-lessons is to use a PowerPoint lesson. Using a PowerPoint lesson is a great way to help your visual learners.

Teach Grammar in the Context of Writing

tips for teaching grammar in elementary

Why should grammar be taught in the context of writing? When grammar is taught with writing, students are able to see the importance of using correct grammar, and they are given an opportunity to practice grammar. Through editing and revising, students are able to strengthen their use of grammar. The writing process is the closest tool an ELA teacher can come to hands-on experiences with grammar.

Connecting grammar instruction to students’ own writing is key for students to internalize grammar concepts. Encouraging students to write and write often will help them improve grammar skills. The more students practice using grammar, the better they become at using it correctly.

Put Grammar Front and Center

Make grammar visible to your students each and every day! Using grammar posters on your walls and bulletin boards is a wonderful way to help students conquer grammar skills. Dedicate wall or bulletin board space to display parts of speech posters, punctuation posters, etc. These posters make great reference points for students that they can use during classwork, writing, or other assignments.

Not only can grammar posters create a beautiful and eye-catching bulletin board, they are meaningful! I am all about meaningful classroom decor. For more ideas, check out my blog post HERE.

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