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5 Parts of Speech Coloring Pages that Students will Love

Transforming the often dreaded parts of speech lessons into an engaging and enjoyable experience is no longer a challenge when you incorporate these parts of speech coloring pages into your upper elementary grammar lessons.

These fun parts of speech coloring pages are tailor-made for upper elementary students and will provide an element of fun and creativity into your grammar curriculum.

If you have ever been assigned parts of speech practice only to be met with sighs and groans, then it is time to mix up your lessons and incorporate these fun parts of speech coloring pages!

Not only are these Parts of Speech Coloring Quilt Pages fun, but they also have other benefits as well! Continue reading to find out the benefits of using these monthly Parts of Speech Quilts.

Parts of Speech Coloring Pages Benefits

Parts of Speech Coloring Pages

Engaging…First of all, these parts of speech pages are engaging. Often grammar practice can be boring and tedious. These grammar coloring pages can add some fun to your lessons. When students are tasked to find 20 nouns in a paragraph, moans may fill your classroom! But when students are given parts of speech coloring pages and asked to locate and color the parts of speech, students become highly engaged.

Magic is created by simply taking out and using crayons in assignments!

Self-checking… These pages are easy to use. Students can not only complete them independently, but they can also check them independently using the answer key. This makes them perfect for independent practice, centers, substitutes, and more!

Stress relieving… Walk into any book store and you will find adult coloring books. Why? Coloring relaxes the brain and improves focus. It can improve brain function. Coloring can also reduce anxiety and stress. So, providing your students with an activity like Parts of Speech Coloring can help your students in so many ways. After a stressful or busy activity, an assignment that involves coloring can provide needed stress relief for many of your students and provide them with an opportunity to refocus.

No-Prep… These pages have little to no prep for you! Need I say more? We all can use easier prep activities and lessons!

Easily incorporate holidays… So many times we would like to squeeze in a seasonal or holiday activity into our classroom, but time makes it so difficult! Parts of Speech Coloring Pages help you to be able to provide your students with a fun seasonal activity while still learning. Win! Win!

Make great displays… Once completed, these quilts look great hung together on a bulletin board or simply on a wall. Easily create an eye-catching seasonal or holiday display that your students will love! Great to complete and display before classroom visitations, parent nights, or parent-teacher conferences!

Parts of Speech Coloring Pages That Students Love

Your students will be begging for more Color by Code Pages. Grab the bundle or get individual packets like the ones below!

Free Parts of Speech Coloring Pages Quilt

Grab your free set of school-themed quilts by clicking above. Not only is this set perfect for the beginning of school, it can easily be used anytime during the school year.

Teachers have said, “My students loved doing these different quilts. I also love how they are differentiated with different parts of speech.”

Fall Parts of Speech Coloring Pages Quilt

This fun fall-themed parts of speech quilt is perfect to use anytime during the fall season. Sometimes you just need something simple and fun! These easy prep parts of speech pages will have your students begging for more.

Students will identify a variety of parts of speech on these fall quilt pieces. 6 fall-themed color-by-code pages are included in each packet along with answer keys. Simply choose the page or pages you want, print, and go! Students choose their own color code to create eye-catching quilts that make great hallway or bulletin board displays.

October Parts of Speech Coloring Pages Quilt

Six fun Halloween-themed color-by-code pages are included inside this October Parts of Speech packet along with answer keys. Review nouns, singular nouns, plural nouns, proper nouns, verbs, concrete and abstract nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and more!

November Parts of Speech Coloring Pages Quilt

Teachers have loved the Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Quilt packet! Just look what they have said, “What a fun and engaging way to reinforce the parts of speech. My students loved it! Thank you!”

December Parts of Speech Quilt

These December Parts of Speech Quilts turn out beautiful! They make the perfect classroom display for December! “This is perfect, fun, academic christmas learning activity! My students wanted to do more than one!”

Parts of Speech Coloring Quilts include grammar practice for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, interjections, conjunctions, singular nouns, plural nouns, action verbs, linking verbs, subordinating conjunctions, and more!

Also find packets for:

Once complete, don’t forget to display them on a wall or bulletin board for an eye-catching display that your students and visitors will love!

For even more great tips on teaching grammar, check out my post 3 Great Tips for Teaching Grammar in Elementary.

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