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Four (Plus) Fabulous Bulletin Board Border Ideas

Whether you are looking for inspiration for creative borders to complete your bulletin board or need some unique and interesting ideas, these creative bulletin board border ideas will add a flair to your bulletin board creations!

I love bulletin boards! To be truthful, I have always begun planning my bulletin boards for my classroom months before the beginning of school. In fact, when I began teaching (many years ago), it was trendy to change your classroom bulletin boards every month or at least every season. I must say that I am glad that I am a little wiser and now plan my bulletin boards to be functional throughout the entire school year. One of my favorite things about bulletin boards today is the creative ideas that teachers have in designing unique bulletin boards, and part of that creativity involves creating unique bulletin board borders. Here are some creative ideas that I found throughout my school this year.

I have shared most of these bulletin board with you already, but I wanted to point out the borders on these creative boards. Look closely at this octopus bulletin board made by our school counselor. The entire border is bubble wrap!! How cute and perfect is that for an under the sea themed bulletin board!  Although it is not technically a border, wouldn’t chain links be another great idea to use as a border as well!

Paint chips cut in half make another bright, colorful, and free bulletin board border. You could use multi-colored chips, as shown here, or choose paint chips in the same shade for a more uniform look.
I just love this owl bulletin board, also created by our school counselor, and these borders are some of the most creative I have seen! I just love the feather boa border! It is bright and colorful and adds texture to this amazing board. Also, she lined the bottom of this board with small green pom pom shakers. Too cute!
This bulletin board border was a happy accident. When I designed these parts of speech posters, I thought I had green and blue borders at school. After searching, I realized I did not have any borders in either one of those colors. I did not have time to order border and receive it before the beginning of school, and we do not have a teacher store in our town, so I went searching through my closet and found blank index cards in the perfect shade of green and blue. This was the final result, and I think this border is much better than my original plan.
Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a blessed day!


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