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Simple Write About Reading Activities for February and Valentine’s Day

There are many benefits when students write about reading. Write about reading activities can help students improve reading skills and comprehension. Write about reading activities can also help the teacher understand the student’s level of comprehension, and it can hold students accountable for their reading.

There are many ways to get your students writing about their reading: letters to the teacher, letters to classmates, graphic organizers, book commercials, journal writing, student choice, and the list can go on and on! One of my favorite ways to motivate students to write about reading in February is to use these Valentine’s Day Heart Reading Flipbooks.

Write about reading activities

What Are Valentine’s Day Reading Flipbooks?

Valentine’s Day Reading Flipbooks are simply a fun way to change up your write about reading activities. They are a great way to get your students thinking about and writing about the books and stories they are reading. Use these fun activities with read-alouds, independent reading, literature circles, book clubs, fiction books, nonfiction books, and more!

Having your students write about reading will help them improve comprehension, think deeply about the text, and analyze the story or the text and these write about reading activities are sure to help motivate your students as well. Your students will love this fun flipbook format. Students will enjoy writing, cutting, coloring, and creating their unique flipbooks about their reading.

Simply choose from two heart flipbooks for fiction or choose the nonfiction flipook for your students to complete. Students may write about story elements: character, setting, problem, or solution. Or you may choose the flipbook for fiction which asks students to write about the sequence of events by writing the beginning, middle, and end. For nonfiction, students are asked to write a summary, write facts, and identify text features found in the text.

You may even choose to have your students create an illustration to go along with their writing.

How to Display this Valentine’s Write About Reading Activities

Once completed, these fun flipooks will look spectacular displayed. Students will love seeing their work arranged on a bulletin board, door, or hallway. Ideas and clipart are included in this packet to create a gorgeous and eye-catching bulletin board.

Writing about reading has never been more fun or engaging. Be sure to check out more about these fun Heart Flipbook Reading Response Activities. If you are looking for another reason to get these write about reading activities, just check out what other teachers are saying:

  • My students completed this resource independently to share information about a self-selected chapter book they read during the month of February. As an added bonus, the flip-it hearts looked wonderful displayed on the bulletin board.” Joanne C.
  • I loved this, I used it for a novel review project and the kids did a fabulous job.” Shanna S.
  • I LOVED this. It was perfect for a Valentine/Read Across America-themed February/March door! Thanks for sharing!” Kendria B.
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