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Subjects and Predicates PowerPoint for Free

If you teach 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade language arts or grammar, then chances are you teach subjects and predicates. So why not make teaching subjects easy and fun with this free Subjects and Predicates PowerPoint?

When teaching grammar, students need to learn that every sentence must contain a subject and predicate in order to be a complete sentence. This is important in not only identifying complete sentences but in writing them as well. When students understand subjects and predicates, this can help put an end to sentence fragments and run-on sentences.

Finding ways to engage students when teaching subjects and predicates can be difficult. Using a PowerPoint lesson to teach grammar can help increase student engagement and help your visual learners.

Ways to Use Subjects and Predicates PowerPoint

subjects and predicates powerpoint for free

PowerPoints do not have to be reserved for distance learning. A PowerPoint can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom.

  • Introductory whole-group lesson
  • Mini-lesson
  • Small groups
  • Reteaching
  • Centers
  • Homework
  • Absences
  • Digital Independent Work

Whole Group

One of my favorite ways to use any PowerPoint lesson is whole group. A PowerPoint can be a wonderfully engaging visual tool to help capture your students’ attention. Because PowerPoints are great for visual learners, they are wonderful to use to introduce new concepts to students. A PowerPoint lesson can help break down a concept into understandable pieces and provide interaction and engagement for your students.

To use a PowerPoint lesson whole group, simply project the PowerPoint onto an interactive white board, a regular whiteboard, or use an interactive tv.

Small Group

Using PowerPoints in a small group setting is a great way to help provide learners with extra support. PowerPoints can be a great tool for reteaching to small groups. 


Do absences drive you crazy? Why not assign a PowerPoint lesson to students who have missed days and/or assignments? If a student is absent, assigning a PowerPoint through your school LMS platform is an easy way to help keep students from falling behind.

To grab this resource, simply scroll up to the top of the page or down to the bottom. Sign up for my email list with your first name and email. Then this great Subjects and Predicates PowerPoint will drop into your email box. Use it with your class to teach and/or review subjects and predicates with your students.

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Teaching subjects and predicates can be challenging, but not with this free, fun and colorful Subjects and Predicates PowerPoint. Teaching this topic just got easier for you. Everything you need to introduce and/or review subjects and predicates are in this PowerPoint lesson. Find definitions, examples, and opportunities for students to be engaged in the lesson.

Students will love the colorful slides and fun and engaging graphics.

Sign up today and get this much-needed resource for your 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade language arts classroom.

Have a blessed day!
Kelly Benefield

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