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Although my blog name is “Teaching Fourth,” I have not always taught fourth grade. I started my teaching career in sixth grade. The following year I had an opportunity to move down to fifth grade. I stayed in fifth grade eight or nine years (I believe…). I then moved down to fourth grade where I have been for more years than I can remember. I must admit that fourth grade is my favorite grade to teach. The children are at such a sweet age, and I enjoy them so much.

One thing that surprised me when I moved to fourth grade was the amount support that fourth graders need on sequence. Many fourth graders still struggle with remembering the sequence of events of a story or in nonfiction, but with support by the end of fourth grade, most students show tremendous improvement with this important skill. Here are a few activities that have helped my students and that you may find helpful as well.


 One activity that my dear teaching friend shared with me is such a simple activity, but it is also very effective. After students read a picture book, leveled reader, etc., give each student 3 index cards, one long strip of construction paper (about 1 inch wide), and one smaller scrap rectangle of construction paper. Instruct the students to label one index card “Beginning”, the next “Middle”, and the last one “End.” Students should think about what happened at the beginning of the story, draw a picture about it on the index card labeled “Beginning” , and write a short paragraph telling about the beginning of the story. They will then do the same thing for the middle and for the end of the story on the corresponding index cards. Next, write the name and author of the story on the construction paper rectangle. Finally, glue this rectangle at the top of the long construction paper strip, and glue down the “Beginning” index card, the “Middle”, and the “End.”  Just take a look at some of these projects:

Another activity that my students love is on pbskids. They actually love anything we do on pbskids.  This “Arthur Story Scramble” is not only a fun activity, but it is a good activity especially for those students still struggling with sequence.
Finally, a great resource for sequence can be found on TpT in Ruth S.’s store. Ruth has created a wonderful set of worksheets and activities. These activities are not only a great reinforcement for sequence, but they are also free! You’ve got to love that! Be sure to check those out here, and if you download them, please leave Ruth some feedback love!
I hope you find some of these activities helpful for your students! Have a blessed day!

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