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6 Fun Grammar Posters Activities for Your Classroom

If you teach language arts and grammar, then you may have some eye-catching grammar posters in your classroom, and if you don’t have any, I’m sure you have come across some grammar posters on Pinterest that you have considered using in your classroom. Certainly, these posters are great to display in your ELA classroom, but have you ever thought about other ways that you might utilize this resource? Here are 6 creative ways to use grammar posters in your classroom.

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Grammar Poster Activities

ONE: Create a Bulletin Board

Okay. This one is not very creative and is rather obvious (and I promise to get to the creative ideas if you keep reading), but if you teach grammar, a parts of speech bulletin board in your classroom can be so helpful and useful. Often times the parts of speech get pushed aside in our ELA classes. We have such a huge list of standards to teach that grammar can easily get pushed to the bottom of the list. Create a parts of speech bulletin board and bring the parts of speech front and center in your classroom.

By creating a bulletin board display, your students will see that grammar is important, and you will be surprised by just how often your students will refer to this board. When creating a parts of speech bulletin board, you may choose to do this one a few different ways.

  • Create a bulletin board with the main eight parts of speech to leave up the entire school year.
  • Create a bulletin board and change out posters for a weekly focus.
  • Create a bulletin board that focuses, for example, on all of the types of pronouns during your pronouns study. Then change the board to verbs when you are studying verbs, and so-on.
  • If you have an objectives board or a weekly reading focus bulletin board, simply add your grammar poster to this bulletin board each week.

TWO: Use Grammar Posters in Classroom Stations

Use the grammar posters in centers or stations. If you have classroom stations, use parts of speech posters as a display in your grammar station. This way students can easily refer to the posters as needed.

THREE: Differentiate and Help Your Struggling Learners

Help your students who struggle with grammar by printing multiple posters onto a page to give to your struggling students. Yes, most posters are 8.5 inches by 11 inches, but you do not have to print them this way. Change your printer setting to “multiple” and print 4 or more to a page and choose landscape.

Students may keep the reference page in a folder, glue it to the inside of a grammar journal, or you may choose to cut out the tiny posters, punch a hole in the corner, and attach a metal O-ring to keep in a station basket. Any of these ideas will make this resource easily accessible to your students during classwork.

FOUR: Make Your Grammar Posters Interactive

Use a border of index cards to make your grammar posters bulletin board interactive. For example, ask students to search for unique nouns in their independent reading. As they come across a unique noun that they would like to share, students may take one index card from the board, write the sentence from the book, and circle and label the noun that they want to share. You may even have students to write a definition if you like. Once the board is full of nouns, focus on another part of speech such as vivid verbs or descriptive adjectives.

FIVE: Play 4 Corners

Use the grammar posters to play a game. If you are not familiar with 4 corners, it usually involves hanging 4 signs in your classroom, one in each corner. After a question, students move to stand next to the appropriate sign. To play with your grammar posters, choose 4 parts of speech posters and hang one in each corner of your room (being sure to have plenty of room for students to stand). You will read a word to the class along with a sentence that contains the word. On your signal, students will identify the correct part of speech of the word by walking to the correct corner or simply point to the correct corner (great for social distancing).

I like to divide my class into 3 or 4 groups for this activity so that everyone is not moving at once. I then call on one group at a time to listen to the word and sentence and move to the correct corner. Continue giving the next group a new word and sentence. Doing this with one group at a time cuts down on the movement and congestion in the classroom.

SIX: Parts of Speech Advertisement

Students can use posters to create a parts of speech advertisement. Assign each student a part of speech and the coordinating poster. Using the video tool Flipgrid (no affiliate), students can create a short video of an advertisement for that part of speech being sure to include the name, definition, and examples. They should also include why this part of speech is important in speaking and writing. Students may use the poster as a prop during the commercial. Once complete, share the videos with the class. You may even choose to group students into pairs for this fun activity. Your students will love this!

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