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Fun Fall Writing Activities for 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade

Using fun fall writing activities in your writing class is a great way to get your students interested and excited about writing. There is no doubt that writing lessons, modeling, and everything that goes along with a great writing lesson are important in helping our students become great writers, adding a fun element can amp up the excitement in your writing class! Here are 4 great ideas for adding some excitement and fun to your writing class this fall.

Fall writing activities

Fall Writing Activities: Fall Writing Prompts

Providing fun fall writing prompts for your students is a great way to motivate your students to write and to help your reluctant writers as well.

Fun Fall Writing Activities for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade

Benefits of Fall Writing Prompts

  • Writing prompts can help writers who tend to get stuck on creating their own topic.
  • Writing prompts can kick start students’ imaginations.
  • Writng prompts can help reluctant writers.
  • Writing prompts can provide opportunites for writing practice.

14 Fun Fall Writing Prompts

Here are 14 fun fall writing prompts that you and your students may enjoy.

  1. The Year Fall Disappeared
  2. My Favorite Fall Activity
  3. The Brightest Leaf on the Trees
  4. The Day I Got Lost in the Corn Maze
  5. The Silly Squirrel’s Nest
  6. The Walk in the Woods
  7. The Day We Raked Leaves
  8. The Fall Day (As Told by the Squirrel)
  9. The Best Thing About Fall
  10. The Worst Thing About Fall
  11. What is your favorite fall game/sport? Why?
  12. What is your favorite fall color? Why?
  13. Pretend you own farm where people can come for a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, or other fall themed activities. Which activity or activites would you include at your farm and why? What challenges might you face?
  14. You are in charge of the fall festival at your school. What activities will you include and why? What kind of foods will you offer?

Fall Writing Activities: Fall Vocabulary Challenge

Challenge your students to include some fall-related vocabulary in their writing. Provide students with a new fall vocabulary word (or a few new words). Explain the meaning and give examples of the word used in sentences. Then ask students to plan a story around the vocabulary word or words. Some great vocabulary choices might be…

  • autumn
  • harvest
  • earthy
  • hibernate
  • amber
  • rustling
  • brisk
  • autumnal
  • crisp

Fall Writing Activities: Add Art

Many students love to draw, so adding an art element to your writing assignment is a simple way to add some fun. By simply allowing students to draw a picture to go along with their writing is often motivating and fun for students. It also allows students a creative outlet.

Fall Writing Activities: Graphic Organizers and Flipbooks

If you are looking for some fun activities to add some excitement to your writing lessons this fall, then this packet is just what you need. My newest Fall Writing Packet can provide students with many opportunities for meaningful writing practice plus add some fun to their writing.

This writing packet contains fun graphic organizers, flipbooks, and writing prompts, that will motivate and encourage your students to write. Once completed, the projects look great displayed on bulletin boards or on classroom walls, or in hallways.

This writing packet contains graphic organizers that can be used as a before activity to help students plan and organize their writing, or they can simply be used as a stand-alone activity. Each graphic organizer is in two formats: one with lines for writing only and one without so that students may illustrate.

Use this packet to supplement your own writing lessons. No writing lessons are included in this packet, but your writing lessons can easily be incorporated into each activity.

I’ve divided the packet into sections according to the type of writing:

  • Descriptive
  • Opinion
  • Narrative
  • Expository or Informational

Fun writing flipbooks are also included in this Fall Writing Activities Packet. You will find flipbooks for writing how-to essays and narratives and a fun writing glyph is also included.

How to Use:

  • morning work
  • prewriting activities
  • centers or stations
  • fun Friday activities
  • as a part of your writing lessons/curriculum
  • and more!

You and your students are sure to enjoy this fun Fall Writing Packet!


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