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Bulletin Boards Around My School

I love a cute bulletin board!  It can add so much color, creativity, and interest to a hallway or a classroom!  This year at my school, one of my teacher friends has really outdone herself on her bulleting boards!  The has created some super cute bulletin boards inspired by Pinterest (of course), and she is letting me share them with you!  I just love her bright colors and creative designs!

Paint you own future! I love the little 3D butterflies on this colorful bulletin board! This board really brightens up our main hallway!

You are responsible for yourself.  I love the black silhouettes on this bulletin board.  They really pop against the bright green background.  I also like the message of this bulletin board.

Leadership comes in cans!  Isn’t this bulletin board just darling?  As you can see, I work with some very talented teachers! 
Be blessed!

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